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The Foundation for a Drug Free World

The Foundation for a Drug Free World
CES is a proud sponsor of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a non-profit global organization whose purpose is to educate young people on the truth about drugs & the dangers of taking illegal drugs.

CES contributes financially as well as with countless hours of volunteer work. Due to CES’s heartfelt commitment to the Foundation, a dedicated employee, Lynn Posyton, works full-time promoting the vital message of a drug-free world into many key areas of our community, such as church groups, schools and law enforcement agencies.

The Truth About Drugs Education Package

The Truth About Drugs Education Package contains practical tools to educate young people about substance abuse.

No one questions the severity of the drug problem and its devastating impact on youth. Academic results suffer and, even worse, drugs undermine health and destroy young lives.

The best solution is to reach young people with effective, fact-based drug education before they start experimenting with drugs. Tweens, teens and young adults who know the facts about drugs are much less likely to start using them.

The core of the Foundation’s education program consists of the 1 hour and 42 minute documentary, The Truth About Drugs: Real People—Real Stories. The documentary is supplemented by thirteen drug information booklets and award-winning public service announcements.

More than 55 million educational handouts have been distributed in over 180 countries and in 20 languages.

The Truth About Drugs Education Package is a wonderful supplemental aid. It fills the growing demand for practical tools to help the teacher, instructor or drug prevention specialist communicate the truth about drugs swiftly and effectively. It provides lesson plans, assignments and classroom activities that capture and retain young people’s attention—and elicit their participation. Students willingly read, view and, most importantly, use the information to make the right choices about drugs.

You can learn more and follow our work with the Truth About Drugs on our Facebook page and learn more about the Truth About Drugs in a video available there. Click here to watch this eye-opening video from the Foundation for a Drug Free World

We enthusiastically invite you to contact
Lynn Posyton at 727-466-1230 

to find out how you, your church, organization or company can also get involved in making a difference and literally saving the lives of young people in your community.