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Working with LED lighting now for several years, we have seen rapid changes in the industry. We have evolved to what I call the “Expert” level by some trial and error, some shocks and awe at the improved quality of LED lights today, a whole lot of surprise at how an LED upgrade affects a customer’s bottom line, and a lot of listening to what our customers need and want. We understand this product!

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As an expert in this field we have experience and networks that span the entire United States. We can predict an accurate return on your investment and we can save you LOTS of money on your electric bill!

We understand the various utility rebates available to help you defray installation costs and understand how to help you qualify for maximum benefits. There is also a federal tax deduction available for energy efficiency programs so out of pocket costs are lower than ever!


Partnering with Global Energy Services we are also able to provide more energy saving solutions for your commercial enterprise.

Water Conservation

This is an exciting new service we can offer our commercial customers and is extremely beneficial to enterprises like universities, schools, property management groups, military installations, government agencies, private corporations and penal facilities—to name a few.

The water staff we work with have developed and installed over 150 large scale water projects saving clients over 2 billion gallons of water/sewer and associated costs.

All water projects are performed with in-house installation teams comprised of licensed plumbers, experienced journeymen and on-site project managers.

Our services include:

  • water harvesting reuse consumer energy solutions clearwater flInvestment grade water audits
  • Design/build domestic water conservation retrofits
  • Steam system optimization
  • Measurement and verification for water installations
  • Energy efficient hot water recirculation systems
  • Efficient irrigation system upgrades
  • Wastewater reuse systems
  • Rainwater harvesting, green roof and xeriscape systems
  • Chilled water drinking fountain systems and ice machines
  • Energy and water efficient laundry systems
  • Facility leak detection
  • Solar hot water

Now here’s something you may not have heard about but it is a huge factor in getting better energy efficiency. It’s called a building envelope.

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There may be utility rebates in your area that will lower the overall costs even more!

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A building envelope is the physical barrier between the exterior and interior environments enclosing a structure. The building envelope protects the interior space from environmental events like precipitation, wind, temperature, humidity and ultraviolet radiation. It includes the roof, walls, windows, doors, and the foundation of the building.

CES can now provide energy efficient solutions to our commercial customer’s building envelope!

Building Envelope

Our energy cost-saving building envelope solutions have been provided to commercial, industrial and institutional buildings across the country. We can do inspections, infrared testing, building design and operating system and air flow analysis.

Our specialized services include:

  • Air barrier systems and door weather stripping
  • Infrared imaging and investigative forensic analysis
  • Interpreting surface radiation with thermography to identify leakage in buildings
  • Early detection and repair of roof problems
  • Identifying distribution blockage within heating and cooling equipment
  • Building insulation
  • Predictive maintenance of high voltage circuits
  • Weatherization services and window replacements
  • Combustion systems
  • Machinery and electrical
  • Preventative/predictive maintenance through infrared evaluation
  • Commissioning and performance verification
  • Roads and bridges
  • White roofs
  • Recirculation fans

The most amazing news about all this is it is easier than you think! And costs less than you can imagine when all is said and done.

Call for any questions or to find out how we can help you.
There may be utility rebates in your area that will lower the overall costs even more!

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