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70% reduction of energy usage per bulb!


LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting is the state-of-the-art of energy efficient lighting. Our LED lighting is Next Generation and transcends the state of the art. We work with people who design and manufacture high performance LED solutions to meet our customer’s needs. We assess our client’s needs and provide them complete lighting solutions as opposed to just selling them off-the-shelf products—in fact our bulbs are made-to-order. This results in the most efficient lighting at the time of the order, the best return on investment and ongoing long term savings. All our products have a ten year manufacturer’s warranty. Here are some of the things that make our bulbs Next Generation and not merely state-of-the-art.

  • Our LEDs don’t get hot. This is because we use high quality components which produce no heat. Lower quality LEDs can get hot because they use cheaper components that produce more heat.

  • All other lights including LEDs have what’s called a “refresh rate.” This is the flicker of fluorescent lights and even LEDs. Sometimes it’s not easy to perceive, but it can make one’s eyes tired and strained because they are constantly re-focusing. Our lights have NO REFRESH RATE.

  • Our LEDs are extremely efficient—beyond the state-of-the-art LED bulbs. Replacing a four foot fluorescent tube that is 32 watts with a state of the art LED takes the watts down to 18. Our Next Generation LEDs take the watts down to 9.6 watts—all while getting the same amount of light! This is a 70% reduction of energy usage per bulb! This means huge savings!

  • Our bulbs illuminate with the most accurate color possible! This can be rated and is called Color Rendering Index (CRI). When sunlight shines through a prism one sees 100% of the rainbow of colors. That would be a CRI of 100. The CRI of a light bulb is the percentage of the rainbow of colors picked up in the light put out by the bulb. Most LED bulbs have a CRI of 70 or 80. Our Next Generation LED bulbs have a CRI of 90 – 92.

  • A lot of LED suppliers stock pile products. Sometimes for several years. This industry is constantly evolving and becoming more efficient. That’s why our bulbs are made-to-order. We do not stock pile our bulbs, ever. You will always get the best quality LED lighting available in the current market!

Why It Makes Sense To Upgrade With CES

It really is very simple to understand if you know and understand these 6 facts:


Typically, 40% of a business’s electric bill is for lighting of that business. The average US small business electric bill is $670 per month with $268 of that bill being paid just for lighting.


Installing LED lighting will save you 40-90% on the lighting portion of your business’s electric bill. Additionally, you will not have to replace bulbs for 10 to 20 years thus removing any maintenance and replacement costs for that period of time.


Paying for your LED lighting upgrade from CES is easier than ever. In many cases we can offer “on-bill payment” with your electric supplier. We also offer traditional financing. Amazingly, the finance payment plus your new, lower electric bill often add up to LESS than what you are currently paying.

All Next Generation LED lights come with a ten-year warranty. The average life span of our bulbs can be twenty years. But within that ten-year warranty, if a bulb needs replacing we send you a new one for free. Plus, if we set up the installation, we have a ten-year warranty on that as well. So in that case, if a bulb needs replacing, we’ll come and replace it for you!

If you let us do the installation of your Next Generation LED tubes, we will take your old fluorescent tubes and safely dispose of them. Plus we will offer a ten year warranty on our labor!


LED bulbs don’t use ballasts, so part of your maintenance savings will be that you will never have to replace a ballast again!

That’s right! You could end up with more money in your pocket after you upgrade!

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Replacing Fluorescent Tubes

LED Light TubesThe most commonly used light in commercial applications is the fluorescent tube. There are government regulations about disposal of these bulbs because they have harmful mercury gas which can get released into the environment. There are over 100 million fluorescent lights disposed of every year—so it’s a serious environmental concern. Additionally, the fluorescent light bulb is not recyclable and creates an increasing waste problem.

LED tubes have been developed which can easily replace fluorescent tubes. LED lighting is being promoted over fluorescent lighting in most commercial applications because it does not use mercury gas and is recyclable, is at least 50% more energy efficient and lasts 3-5 times as long, thus saves energy and significantly reduces the waste problem. There are other valuable commercial applications of LED lighting aside from tubes and we can help with those as well.

Using an LED tube with these qualities creates an LED upgrade project providing for substantial utility bill, replacement and maintenance savings with a minimized initial investment which more than pays for itself.