Is a 56% Savings on Electricity Even Possible?

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Is a 56% Savings on Electricity Even Possible?

One of the reasons we at CES are so successful at what we do is because we truly have the purpose to empower our customers with the information they need to make intelligent energy buying decisions and to get them the best possible rates for their electricity and natural gas in deregulated markets.

Every single sales rep here, our entire Support Team and our Customer Service Team have this purpose and sincerely do their best for each and every customer.

I’ll give you an example of this in action. A situation we frequently run into is that we find customers who get on a program and are with suppliers who overcharge them compared to another program they actually qualify for. At CES, we are brokers. We are not dedicated to a particular supplier. Our job is to get you the best pricing from who we find to be the strongest supplier in your area.

When we find customers who are being overcharged compared to what CES could get for them, they might understandably have a negative reaction to a call about their Energy Choice Program. Being in a deregulated state was meant for you to have more choice and power over your energy supply and rate. There are over 150 suppliers in Energy Choice Programs and some of them simply have better programs if your business qualifies. Our job is to put you with a legitimate supplier with a great price and do the research legwork for you.

Here’s an example of how we recently helped one customer. This company went with a supplier who offered a one month introductory rate that was low. Their second month’s bill was at 19.5 cents per hour of electricity used!
We were able to get them back with a true fixed rate agreement through one of the suppliers we work with at a much lower rate of 8.5 cents per hour of electricity used. And we helped them do this without incurring early termination fees!

Consumer Energy Solution Corporate OfficesThat represents a 56% savings!

Check with the Better Business Bureau and you will see our A+ rating.

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to see what savings CES can get for you.

About the Author:

Patrick J. Clouden is the Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc., one of the nation’s top energy consulting firms. Consumer Energy Solutions was founded in 1999 and represents some of the largest energy suppliers in North America. CES has enrolled over 2.5 million residential and 300,000 commercial customers across the United States and Canada including many Fortune 500 companies.

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