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Patrick J. Clouden is the Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc., one of the nation’s top energy consultant firms. Consumer Energy Solutions was founded in 1999 and represents some of the largest energy suppliers in North America. CES has enrolled over 2.5 million residential and 300,000 commercial customers across the United States and Canada including many Fortune 500 companies.

Patrick uses his extensive sales and business experience to guide the company. For instance, in 2004 Consumer Energy Solutions transitioned from selling mainly to residential customers to selling mainly to commercial customers. The change in approach meant that a new methodology of in-house training was vital in order take someone who knew little or nothing about energy or sales into a level of proficiency that could allow the sales rep to competently work with savvy business people and become an energy consultant.

Patrick is passionate about educating and apprenticing individuals so they can gain confidence and ability to generate high performance at their jobs and help the customers they serve. To that end Patrick, with his son, Sean, spent six months creating and testing sales training programs and developed a training machine that helps CES employees clarify the industry and sales basics. They drill the already-successful techniques used by top salespeople; thus making each new sales trainee into a competent energy consultant.

The project was a screaming success, exceeding all expectations. Production went way up and employee turnover went way down. And there were many happy customers.

This was the beginning of Accelerated Training Solutions, Inc. in 2006. ATS is a training company created by Patrick Clouden, which is the company that creates and provides training materials for CES employees. Accelerated Training Solutions has produced training materials that are now used by hundreds of companies to train their executives and employees in the areas of Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, Delivery and business management. And ATS has kept CES’s training current and up-to-date over the years. The stability this training has brought to CES makes us one of the top energy consultant firms of its kind in the industry.

A dedicated family man, coming from a family of nine children, he likes people. His philosophy is to create a team of people that has high pride in what they do and truly enjoy working together. Patrick has been married for 30 years to his wife, Laura, and has two children and one grandson.

energy consultant Pat Clouden - CEO, Consumer Energy Solutions Inc

“I want to win and help others to win” – Pat Clouden

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Patrick Clouden
Patrick CloudenCEO

Achievements & Highlights

  • 2015 Tampa Bay Times Top Work Places of Tampa Bay
  • 2015 Florida Sheriffs Association Certificate of Appreciation given in appreciation of Consumer Energy Solutions for A Drug Free World activities that supported the Florida Sheriffs Association program, “Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot.”
  • 2014 Toys For Tots Commanders Award, US Marine Corps Reserve
  • 2014 Tampa Bay Times Top Work Places of Tampa Bay
  • 2013 Tampa Bay Business Journal Corporate Philanthropic Award
  • 2013 Tampa Bay Times Top Work Places of Tampa Bay
  • 2012 Tampa Bay Business Journal Corporate Philanthropic Award

I love the art and technology of business and organizations. In creating my own successful business being an energy consultant & CEO at CES, I became acutely aware of the vital importance of educating and apprenticing individual staff members so they can gain confidence and an ability to generate high performance at their jobs and in helping the customers they serve. This is the hallmark of my business and the one single factor I attribute most to its success.

Out of the development of that training for CES, we created Accelerated Training Solutions, a world-class business training organization dedicated to providing highly-effective materials for business owners, executives, and employees, on a wide range of subjects including marketing, sales, productivity, and much more that result in 100% understanding and the ability to apply what was learned and get good results.