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About Consumer Energy Solutions

Our Mission

Consumer Energy Solutions helps customers get the best rate for electricity and gas in deregulated markets. We provide our customers with enough information so that they can make an intelligent energy buying decision be cost efficient. Our purpose is to help businesses and consumers navigate energy solutions savings options and reduce their energy bills.


Consumer Energy Solutions was founded in 1999 and has successfully enrolled numerous residential and commercial customers across the United States and Canada.

We represent most of the largest energy suppliers in North America and have serviced many Fortune 500 companies.

We accomplish our goals by continuous research into the energy markets around the country. We find the energy suppliers with the best track record of energy solutions including savings, price protection and reliability.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Clearwater, Florida

1255 Cleveland Street, Suite 400
Clearwater, Florida 33755

Phone: 866-683-9723

Our Newsletter

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Employees of the Month

Tina S.
Tina S.Jun 2020
“I have had the pleasure of working for CES for the past 11 years. In my time at CES, I have received exceptional support from all areas of CES. CES has provided me with many mentors and the tools I needed to excel professionally and move up in the company. I am now the Regulatory & HR Director for CES. And I am truly grateful for all the opportunities I have been given at CES. But it is not all business all the time here; we also have a lot of fun while crushing our goals! In addition, CES’ community outreach is like none I have ever seen. Our CEO, Patrick Clouden, believes in taking care of his people and his community. This team truly is a family! I am very proud to be a part of the CES team and to have been nominated for employee of the month.”
– Tina S.
Chris P.
Chris P.May 2020
“I have been at CES nearly 4 years now and it is truly a great place to work. CES is a well-oiled machine that does things the right way all the way across the board.

“Another great thing about CES is the people who work here. Our staff is second to none, starting from the top, all the way down. And the comradery here is through the roof which makes it truly enjoyable to be at work.

“So many superlatives for CES but so little time. The bottom line is that I love working here and feel privileged to be part of the team.”
– Chris P.

Richard P.
Richard P.Apr 2020
“First off, I’d like to thank all the training staff and managers, and of course, Eleni. I had no sales experience and even less knowledge about the energy industry. Thanks to our training courses and the floor managers I was able to learn enough to succeed fairly quickly at generating leads. I’ve never had any issues or questions that were not addressed instantly. I love working here and this is just the beginning of my journey at CES and hopefully the first of many accolades here. I can truly say I am now an Energy Broker and I’m coming for the top spot!!”
– Richard P.
Lynn P.
Lynn P.Mar 2020
“I’ve been the very lucky girl to be able to go out into the community and beyond, representing our company in many philanthropic endeavors. I’ve worked here at CES for very close to 10 years now.

There is no limit to the kindness and generosity that CES partakes in for the good of the community we work in.

I’ve always been allowed to grow and be creative with my job to include many varied philanthropy efforts on the part of all of us here at CES. No new ideas or projects are ignored. What a joy that is.

This is a dream for me. I’m a creative sort and one that is not happy unless I am able to openly and generously communicate with others. My job as CES Community Relations Director is simply the most perfect fit there could be.

I’m able to represent our hard-working team here and show the world, by example, what a company should be doing for their community, for their fellows, and for the general good!

It is absolutely my honor to be picked as employee of the month, and I will always work to show the world how wonderful and genuinely caring our company is!”
– Lynn “Lynnie” P.

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