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Commercial Energy Programs

Consumer Energy Solutions has access to the largest independent energy suppliers in the United States, and our firm can help you obtain pricing from the most competitive electricity and natural gas suppliers servicing your region.

We are one of the largest consulting firms in the United States with a track record of placing over 250,000 commercial accounts with timely pricing from major suppliers for both electricity and natural gas. Our consulting services are multifaceted. There are a variety of price options available to businesses and our goal as consultants is to help you develop strategies appropriate for the amount of risk exposure your organization desires. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they avoid the pitfalls of the potentially treacherous procurement process.

Every program we offer is cost free to enroll and our consultants will help you choose a program tailored to meet your level of risk tolerance. Navigating the energy landscape is risky for the uninformed and our role as consultants is to make sure your decisions are based on up-to-date analysis and historical facts, not hype or fear.

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  • Energy costs are one of the top three business expenses for more than a third of all small businesses.
  • Many small businesses are paying double-digit percentages more per kilowatt hour of electricity or cubic foot of natural gas than larger companies in their category.
  • The smallest size establishment category (under 50 employees) pays 35% more for electricity than the sector average.
  • The largest establishment category pays 17% less than the sector average.
  • This amounts to a 52% cost difference for electricity between the largest and smallest manufacturing companies.

Data Sources: The National Federation of Independent Business & The U.S. Small Business Association

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Our Process

Before we sign up your company for an energy program, your CES consultant will review 3 key areas: Risk Management, Tariff Analysis and Procurement (more below). Once you become a CES customer, you will continue to benefit from our expert Energy Market Research, which enables your consultant to advise you if and when a change in your energy strategy is appropriate.

Over the last decade we have observed increased volatility in the energy markets. This is a product of a tightening supply/demand equation. Global demands for energy have accelerated especially with growth in China and India while many supplies have become tighter. All indications are pointing towards a continuation of this trend and greater volatility is expected over the next decade. This trend has severe ramifications for commercial budgeting and developing risk management strategies will be vital for the protection of bottom line profits in the years ahead.

4 Point Risk Management System ensures optimum price vs exposure for each client:

  1. Determine risk tolerance of the client
  2. Determine proper hedge program to meet the client’s level of risk tolerance
  3. Assess risk exposure within the market cycle (future prediction)
  4. Continued monitoring of changes in risk exposure

Volatile energy markets and uncertain economic conditions are not going away any time soon. Be prepared with responsible risk management.

The analysis of tariffs in deregulated markets is a very important component for determining the proper Risk Management strategy for our clients. Although in deregulated states the purchase of electricity is done by negotiating with independent suppliers, there is a great variance in how this is accomplished from state to state.

Part of our role is to explain the tariff structure pertaining to our client’s accounts so they fully understand their risk exposure with their utility.

The following are some of the factors affecting a business’ risk exposure based on tariff rates.

  • Determining Tariff Rate Schedule, i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • Determining Competitiveness of Tariff Rate vs. Independent Suppliers rates
  • Determining potential Future Changes in Tariff Structure
  • Preparing Cost/Benefit Analysis of Switching from Tariff Rate to an Independent Supplier Rate
The process of purchasing energy is complex and varies greatly within utilities. Our consultants utilize our relationships with top tier Electricity and Natural Gas suppliers to obtain competitive pricing for our clients. Many of our clients do not have the experience or time available to manage a competitive bid process.

Part of the services CES offers is to manage the procurement process for our clients, which includes the following:

  • Preparation of Data for Bids
  • Submission to Competitive Suppliers
  • Review of Bids
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Contract Analysis
  • Monitoring Proper Account Execution
  • Follow Up to Verify Proper Execution of Procurement Contract.
Nat-Gas-2008-2012As consultants one of the most important services we provide is the ongoing analysis of changes in the energy markets that may affect pricing in the future.

Our energy experts utilize our stellar training and experience to identity buying opportunities for our clients.

We are constantly on top of and in tune with timely information pertinent to developing and maintaining your energy strategy.

Businesses are always looking for money to use to grow and improve.

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Types of Energy Programs

We offer programs designed to meet your risk tolerance, which are appropriate for timing within the present market cycle. Variable rate programs are normally used when rates are at historically high levels and are useful while waiting for a better time to lock in a fixed rate. Fixed rate programs are recommended when rates are at or below long-term moving averages.

The benefits of variable rate programs are:

  • The variable rate with a supplier is usually lower than the local utility and allows you to quickly move to a fixed rate at the proper time.
  • They almost always have no cancellation fee, so there’s no risk in trying them out.
  • There are a variety of variable rate programs and with proper guidance you can tailor a variable rate program to meet your goals.

The benefits of fixed rate programs are:

  • In a rising market you pay the same rates regardless of how high markets rise; thereby avoiding increased energy costs.
  • Budget certainty that eliminates the negative effects of market volatility.
  • The potential for significant long-term savings.

Energy is one of your top expenses.

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