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CES is a proud sponsor of a local talk radio program called The Talk of the Town on WTAN 1340 am. Each week we have a 15 minute spot where I talk about the awesome community activities that are happening in our town and county.

Recently the host of the show, Pat Luefan, came upon a little dog lost in the rain. He couldn’t locate its owner and brought the dog to the station. I couldn’t resist, so I picked up that pooch and sat him on my lap during my segment. I was also recording and broadcasting Live on Facebook and reached out to thousands of listeners. Many people shared the post and lo and behold, the owner was found. It was great fun, returning the pooch the next day! This is the power of community interaction and social media at work for instant results!




The Purple Heart is the oldest military decoration, given to those wounded or killed while serving as well as to those who display bravery and valor as prisoners of war and while fighting certain types of domestic terrorists.

Purple Heart Recognition Day is held annually on August 7th for the purpose of thanking soldiers, veterans and recipients of this medal.

My Dad was a recipient of two Purple Heart medals. Knowing the superhero-esque feats of my Dad in the Korean War in two different instances while under heavy artillery fire—saving many lives of those in his regiment, I am deeply moved by this annual event.

This year’s banquet event was hosted by CCHR Florida (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) on Saturday, August 5th to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of Purple Heart recipients, and to honor all veterans and active-duty military.

We heard from special guest speakers about some of the key issues facing our veterans and what solutions exist to handle them.

The event was standing room only! Listening to the speakers talk about the extreme veteran’s issues which these heroes face when coming back into civilian life was extremely eye-opening.

Understanding the overwhelming over-medicating that is widespread was also quite disturbing. The men and women who so heroically and unselfishly served our country, must be given every kindness and help. And that does NOT include messing them up with overdosing them on mind-altering cocktails of drugs.

CES is happy to support veteran organizations which provide real help and care for our U.S. heroes. And CES is a proud supporter of CCHR Florida.




Consumer Energy Solutions was awarded by iHeartRadio as one of the nation’s 2017 TOP 500 Emerging Businesses! And also for being in the top 100 in the Tampa Bay area!

The I-heart team came by during our weekly staff meeting to present us with our award. We had a lot of fun during their presentation visit. In CES style, we surprised them, presenting them with our “Big Dog” trophy to award them for being the BIG DOGS in radio!




Our friends at the MLK Jr. Neighborhood Center really appreciated our help and heart in bringing together the 2nd Annual Freedom Swing Golf Tournament fundraiser.

CES brought our hearts, hands and contribution to partner with a great organization that helps the community. Located in the North Greenwood section of our town, the MLK Center stands as a place for gathering, gardening, clubs and skills workshops.

CES sponsored two teams of employees who played in the golf tournament and even won awards! Others volunteered to create this successful event which raised thousands of dollars for the center. We will always have our hearts in the right places, and the MLK Neighborhood Center is certainly one!




Hurricane season is upon us. Hurricane Harvey crashed into Texas with a huge and devastating impact! Seeing the massive damage and flooding and so many people stranded in shelters, CES hearts came together to form a relief effort which got many citizens of our Tampa Bay community joining in.

Our relief drive brought two trucks worth of supplies to our friends in Houston, Rockport, and Austin to distribute and use for direct aid to the citizens.

The Volunteer Ministers are a group that has seasoned experience helping in relief for many disasters all over the world. Working directly with the Red Cross and other agencies, their reputation for delivering real help is impeccable and we know that if we got our supplies to them, that THEY WOULD get distributed and used.

We also started a YouCaring.com page called Hope for Houston which brought in over $2,000 in donations so that we could instantaneously purchase items such as blow up mattresses and food and vitamins for the volunteers who were working hard in the heat!

We purchased cases of hygiene supplies which were turned into hygiene kits for the shelters and for distribution to homes who were without power and unable to purchase these items due to no businesses open and no electricity.

Our big hearts did not go unnoticed. A wonderful news anchor from ABC Action News named Laura Harris of The Now Tampa Bay show came out to CES and interviewed us as we were finishing up loading a truck of supplies to go to Texas. Please take a moment to watch our news clip as it is inspiring. See the interview here: https://www.facebook.com/TheNowTampaBay/videos/1158853094216008/

Then Hurricane Irma blew into our own backyard!

Our attention was pulled off of Houston and on to Florida and the Virgin Islands.

We lost power in our company for a week, and luckily the main damage experienced here in our community was debris and some minor damage to our homes and property. We came together again and donated cases of supplies for the shelters and for door to door delivery of hygiene kits to harder hit areas of Florida.

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As the Director of Community Relations for Consumer Energy Solutions, Lynn created a tremendous impact by connecting up with like-minded individuals and groups to effect positive change for our communities.One of her favorite activities is networking with other groups who need drug education. As a proud sponsor, Consumer Energy Solutions and their Drug Free World Team provide effective drug education and prevention materials from the Foundation for a Drug Free World.

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