CES Hops into Action Thanking Our Local Businesses and Community Members

//CES Hops into Action Thanking Our Local Businesses and Community Members

CES Hops into Action Thanking Our Local Businesses and Community Members

I can hear in my head the voice of my wise and loving mom telling me, “Don’t take things for granted!”

Working here at CES as Director of Community Relations, I effort to bring this out in all we do as a company in our community.

During these times it became more and more important to not take anything for granted! At CES we decided that we would do what we could to lift others and bring some extra sunshine and smiles to those working in our community.

Local businesses have a special place in our hearts as they are always there to supply food and supplies and delivery of our needed goods and goodies, often right to our doorstep.

In looking to help others, sometimes the best thing we can do is to bring a smile to someone’s face by letting them know that they are loved and appreciated.

Let’s face it, we ALL need this! And a smile goes a LONG way to bring happiness to everyone it touches, including the person delivering that smile! When I think about it, I know that some of my happiest magical moments have simply come as a result of another person delivering that happiness to me with their own love and joy coming over my way with its delivery!

So we created some bright and happy gifts. We hopped into action popping into local businesses and delivering a little sunshine, some flowers and a special message of, “You are #essential to us.”

We think that genuine smiles and feeling loved and appreciated were felt and we hope that our community knows that Consumer Energy Solutions is proud to call Clearwater home. We thank everyone around us for being there and supporting our families and businesses with their hard work and devotion to supplying us with what we need and want each and every day!




Be sure to enjoy some love and smiles from the many businesses we visited during April and May. We gave out around 100 little gifts to local businesses and individuals who are #essential to us all!

There are many awesome photos and sweet videos we created of our hopping around the community dropping off gifts on our CES Facebook page: Consumer Energy Solution, Inc.

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As the Director of Community Relations for Consumer Energy Solutions, Lynn created a tremendous impact by connecting up with like-minded individuals and groups to effect positive change for our communities.One of her favorite activities is networking with other groups who need drug education. As a proud sponsor, Consumer Energy Solutions and their Drug Free World Team provide effective drug education and prevention materials from the Foundation for a Drug Free World.

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