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9Oct 2019

Energy Efficient Smart Homes and Commercial Buildings—What is CES Up to Now?

By | October 9th, 2019|Smart Homes & Building|0 Comments

Alright--what does the word smart mean? When we’re talking about a machine, a system or a device, it is smart when it is equipped with electronic control mechanisms and capable of automated, independent, and seemingly intelligent operation. It’s basically a smart machine, system or device if it uses a computer. It can access WiFi and run apps (just like a [...]

9Oct 2019

Who Has the Most Amazing Customer Service in the Industry? We Do!!

By | October 9th, 2019|Good Business Tips|0 Comments

It is National Customer Service Week and we want to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all genuine Customer Service agents everywhere. It just so happens that here at CES we have what could very well be the best Customer Service Department in this industry! So it’s with great pleasure we take this week, October 7 – [...]

24Sep 2019

The Times They are a Changing…

By | September 24th, 2019|Energy Efficiency at Home, Energy Efficiency for Business|0 Comments

Every generation brings to mind this sentiment. And it’s as true today as when Bob Dylan first sang the song. The times are definitely changing. I want to introduce you to a new product for the new age we are in. But first it’s important to understand WHY we got involved with this product. Consider the following: Imagine being able [...]

24Sep 2019

Consumer Energy Solutions is Here to Help You Save Money

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“Energy” is a common topic of discussion these days. With recent geopolitical events in the Middle East one’s attention becomes focused on the costs of energy. What will happen? The U.S. is becoming more and more energy independent—but on the world stage when the price of oil goes up, you’ll find other prices going up accordingly because of various political [...]

4Sep 2019

Energy Choice Matters! Let Me Tell You Why…

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I have been touting the benefits of our Training Program here at Consumer Energy Solutions for a while now, and for good reason. Training employees is time well spent and an incredible return on investment. Here at CES we have a course called Make More Money. The effectiveness of this training never ceases to amaze me. Every single lead generator [...]

4Sep 2019

I’d Like To Know…

By | September 4th, 2019|LED Lighting|0 Comments

It’s me, Jeannine Hall. I’m the Director of Energy Efficiency at Consumer Energy Solutions in Clearwater, Florida. I once had my own roofing company and I’ve been known to climb around in attics and basements, paint roofs white, install LED lights, and even know my way around an air conditioner. So I have the perfect job because one of the [...]