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As the Director of Community Relations for Consumer Energy Solutions, Lynn created a tremendous impact by connecting up with like-minded individuals and groups to effect positive change for our communities.One of her favorite activities is networking with other groups who need drug education. As a proud sponsor, Consumer Energy Solutions and their Drug Free World Team provide effective drug education and prevention materials from the Foundation for a Drug Free World.


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We were invited to join friends and fellow Americans at the Faith and Freedom conference in Washington DC. It was a fantastic experience. It was a real treat being part of such a big, professional conference filled with people from all over our country who came together to hear about issues concerning all Americans. The [...]

The Spring Is In Our Step At CES!

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March and April spring weather in Florida is simply the best. In Clearwater, our home, we have year-round sunshine and warm seasons. But the months of March and April are something extra-special. It’s still not too hot, the birds are chirping, and things are blooming all over the place. The evenings are still a little [...]

At CES We Have Our Hearts In The Right Place!

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February is the month which celebrates love and all things which are good and filled with heart. Being National Heart Health Month, CES wore red each Tuesday to raise awareness in keeping our hearts healthy and happy by following The National Heart Association’s recommendations to Eat Smart, Move More, Add Color and Be Well. It [...]

A New Year Blooms With Activity And Community Support At CES

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Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but did you know that in Clearwater Florida, located in the greater Tampa Bay area, we are among the SUNNIEST CITIES IN the United States! For CES, abundant sunshine in the winter months means that we are GARDENING in our neighborhood at Clearwater Community Gardens. Located just across [...]

CES is Always Out and About Working in the Community

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December proved to be filled with festivities and as everyone knows, the month brings us an extra desire to be a better person, to value each other more and to appreciate others with gift giving and spreading joy! Our staff enjoyed many games and prizes and awards for a year well done! We celebrated with [...]

Thankful To So Many Who Care About Our Community!

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CES is always happy to work as partners with those who help our youth and our communities to thrive and prosper. This month we are even more thankful than usual, with Thanksgiving being the overall theme. Educators: Children need so much caring and true guidance along their journeys. There are many amazing teachers, aides and [...]

Awareness Leads to ACTION When it Comes to our Community Endeavors

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At CES we love when October comes because we get to enjoy a sweater day or two. We also love to help out in the community and not have to sweat to death while doing it! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and at CES we find ourselves stepping up with all things Pink. Whereas [...]


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We’re in the Community♥ We’re on the Radio♥ We’re on the News♥ Sharing Two Months of Nonstop Community Heart♥ From Community Gardening, Reuniting Lost Puppies and Receiving I-Heart♥Radio Awards to Celebrating our Veterans, Golfing & Fundraising for the Community♥ And providing Hope for Hurricane Victims, ♥CES is All Heart♥! HEARTS COME TOGETHER TO FIND [...]

The Heat Is On But CES Keeps “Cool” By Helping Others In Our Community

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How hot is hot? Sometimes things get SO hot that the firemen need to be called! That was the case 7 years ago, on a Sunday morning, when our company suffered a devastating fire in our company headquarters.  We were not open and no one was there, but it took nearly three hours, 15 trucks [...]

At CES We Bring Goodwill And Drug Prevention Near And Far

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How far is far?  How about the Emerald Isle? We joined a group of volunteers to spread the truth about drugs to many of the wonderful Irish people. We joined Britain’s number one swing band, The Jive Aces, who also have a strong passion to keep our youth away from harmful drugs. We toured the [...]