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About Kathy Wach

Kathy Wach is the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Consumer Energy Solutions. She runs projects for the CEO and oversees all the PR and Marketing that is done on behalf of CES and puts together this monthly newsletter.

Employee of the Year – 2020

By | 2020-12-16T15:00:48+00:00 December 16th, 2020|Company History|

Sometimes you meet that rare person who defies all the odds. What does “defy the odds” mean? Let’s be real clear so that is understood up front. “Defy the odds” is used to describe an accomplishment or something that is seemingly improbable or succeeding in something where people thought you would fail. “Defying the odds” [...]

Why YOU have to be Energy Efficient

By | 2017-09-26T12:03:38+00:00 March 11th, 2015|Energy Efficiency at Home, Energy Efficiency for Business|

Energy efficiency has become the hot topic of the day. With energy prices rising and the very costly process of energy production complicated by politics, the one avenue we have to curtail costs is from understanding and applying the concepts of energy efficiency. Here is a bit of background on this subject. As the population [...]