Energy Choice Program

What is the Energy Choice Program?

In a deregulated state, the customer is able to choose an Energy Supply Company he feels gives him the best price or benefits. He can select his own energy supplier rather than receiving his electricity and natural gas from the utility. This option is called the "Energy Choice Program." It is a program that was put into place by the state government when utility companies raised their energy prices to a point deemed unfair to customers. The implementation of the Energy Choice Program created competition and so ended the utility monopolies.

Energy Choice Programs have various names, depending on the state, such as the "Power Your Way Program" in New York, the "Power to Choose Program" in Texas, or the "Electric Choice Program" in Connecticut.

In Energy Choice Programs, the local utility company still delivers the electricity and natural gas to the customer and handles delivery emergencies. Because utilitie companies own and maintain the gas pipes and electric wires, a customer cannot change utility companies. The utility company stays the same, no matter which Energy Supply Company supplies the energy to the customer.

Choose your Energy Supplier

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In the newly competitive electric and natural gas markets, there is now an opportunity for customers to take charge of buying their energy. You are now able to choose your energy supplier from among many Energy Supply Companies who can supply your electricity and natural gas at low prices. Anyone who lives in a deregulated state can take advantage of the benefits of the Energy Choice Program and get electricity and natural gas at a competitive low price.

At Consumer Energy Solutions, we are dedicated to educating people about the programs so they can make intelligent energy buying decisions. We encourage businesses and residential consumers to take advantage of their state's Energy Choice Program and be in charge of where they buy their energy and what they pay for it.