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George Clouden
George CloudenPresident

George Clouden started out at the company as an outside sales rep in Dallas, Texas over eleven years ago. Two years later he came to Florida and moved steadily up from Sales Rep to Sales Manager to Administrative Sales Manager to VP of Sales and currently to President. He knows this industry inside and out.

As President of CES, George is involved with Public Relations and Client Relations. His calm demeanor allows him to effectively handle anything that may happen in the day-to-day activities that 140 plus employees are involved in.

George’s goal is to promote and create sales growth with innovative ideas, while offering services to the public that truly are sound financial decisions for homes and businesses.

Our Valuable Team Members

Bev Hepner
Bev HepnerChief Financial Officer
Bev Hepner has been with CES since 2004. She came on as a Finance Manager and has moved on to become CFO. Bev has a business and accounting degree and 40 years experience handling business finances and tax preparation.

She is fully qualified for this monumental job at CES and is incidentally a black belt in Martial Arts two times over. These skills come in handy.

Tina Silyagi
Tina SilyagiHuman Resources Director
Tina Silagyi started with CES in 2009 as a Sales Rep with 2 years of sales experience in the Energy Industry. From there she became a Sales Admin, and then into Customer Service where she became the Manager.

During this time she burned the midnight oil and earned an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies which equipped her with the skills to transition into the HR position where she also handles all of CES’s regulatory and licensing matters.

She intends to get certified in HR (a 3+ year program) while working with all departments in CES to help them achieve their goals and continue to expand.

Gilly DaCosta
Gilly DaCostaDirector of Sales
Gilly DaCosta has been in the Energy Industry since 2004. He came to CES in 2011 and excelled in sales where he quickly became the top salesman in three different programs.

As our fearless Director of Sales, he makes sure there are many like him on the sales floor. Working closely with our training department in Quality Control, Gilly’s successful actions as a sale person have been isolated and documented so we can make sure others learn his skills.

As a father of four, his extracurricular activities are usually spent outdoors with his boys or taking them to Taekwondo classes.

Clayton W. Francis
Clayton W. FrancisSales Manager
Clayton Francis is a twenty year call center veteran and has been a part of the CES family since 2008. He has been instrumental in leading key CES managers and growing a residential sales force team from ten account representatives to over 35.

His ability to motivate, inspire and get our sales staff to produce at consistently high levels keeps his sales floor buzzing with positive energy.

Diana Sipple
Diana SippleDirector of Sales Support
Diana Sipple has been with Consumer Energy Solutions since 2004. Not only does she oversee the entire CES sales support team, she is over all the data processing, leads management, reports, and data transfer for the company. Diana and her team are often referred to as the “brain” of CES.

Her goal is to make sure CES clients, sales reps, managers, and executives have all they need in order to make the sales process run smoothly and productively.

Marta Long
Marta LongDirector of Quality Control
Marta Long came to CES in 2009, bringing with her 23 years of experience as a stellar business consultant.

Marta oversees all the call monitoring, catches training application errors and corrects sales reps, helping them to become great consultants.

However, perhaps the most impressive work Marta does is manage all the exceptional training we do at CES. We take great pride in our training and this is due, in large part, to the great care with which Marta performs this duty.

Christian Jacobson
Christian JacobsonDirector of Information Technology
Christian Jacobson came to CES in 2014 after he had been a consultant to our I/T department for over 6 years. His specialty is technology infrastructure design and implementation.

Christian and his team were real heroes for CES in 2009 when we had a fire that destroyed our building. He was able to get the high-tech telephone system that CES uses up and running with an even more state-of-the-art technology in a new building in a mere 32 hours! And he did so with systems that were able to reduce phone expenses by $9,000 per month!