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About Consumer Energy Solutions

Our Mission

Consumer Energy Solutions helps customers get the best rate for electricity and gas in deregulated markets. We provide our customers with enough information so that they can make an intelligent energy buying decision be cost efficient. Our purpose is to help businesses and consumers navigate energy solutions savings options and reduce their energy bills.


Consumer Energy Solutions was founded in 1999 and has successfully enrolled numerous residential and commercial customers across the United States and Canada.

We represent most of the largest energy suppliers in North America and have serviced many Fortune 500 companies.

We accomplish our goals by continuous research into the energy markets around the country. We find the energy suppliers with the best track record of energy solutions including savings, price protection and reliability.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Clearwater, Florida

1255 Cleveland Street, Suite 400
Clearwater, Florida 33755

Phone: 866-683-9723

Our Newsletter

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Employees of the Month

David R.
David R.Oct 2019
“I have been with CES for a little over a year. I started as a fronter (lead generator) and have worked my way up to being a closer. During my time here I have learned a great deal more about the industry and I’ve met some great people. This is, hands down, one of the greatest places I’ve worked. I look forward to many more years!”
– David R.
Heather & Karen
Heather & KarenSept 2019
“I appreciate being recognized as an employee of the month. I have been with CES for 7 years now and I continue to enjoy coming to work every day with a great group of people. I look forward to another best ever year in 2020 at CES.”
– Heather O.

“I have been with Consumer Energy Solutions for nearly 17 years in total. I truly enjoy working for a company that not only helps their customers and clients but also the community. I take pleasure in my work as I enjoy building a rapport with the clients we represent while assisting customers in addressing their questions and concerns. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone at CES for making Customer Service Week 2019 a special and memorable week. Coming to work every day to a family atmosphere and being acknowledged not only during CS Week but all year round is special and heartfelt. The comradery at CES motivates me to work hard for our customers, clients and for my coworkers. Thank you for nominating us as employees of the month. It’s an honor to work with a group of people who are more like family than coworkers.”
– Karen M.

Kathy W.
Kathy W.Aug 2019
“I have been with Consumer Energy Solutions for nearly ten years and have never worked with a more productive, ethical group of people! The management team here at CES is made up of caring, professional people who never lose sight of our company’s purpose. These people truly do go out of their way to help our customers get the best pricing in the current market for their electricity and natural gas.

I’ve also never seen a company give back like this one does. I am so proud to be part of this team and the volunteer activities we get involved with in the community—from fighting illiteracy, to providing drug education, to participating in call to arms actions like providing much needed help to the Bahamas for Hurricane Dorian victims!

When you have a purpose to truly help others it resonates with like-minded people and our CES team grows. With a group like that it’s actually easy to become an “Employee of the Month!” I love my job, love the work environment and love our purpose to help. Thanks for the opportunity to express how I feel!”
– Kathy W.

 Jamison C.
Jamison C.Jul 2019
“Since starting back in February of 2016 I have had so much personal growth here at CES. I’ve never had a more pleasant work environment. Everyone I have been professionally paired with has been an exceptional associate. This environment has allowed growth from the start. Starting on the phones in residential sales and working in many different departments and now being a trainer, it has always been the same positive energy. Thank you CES for over 3 awesome years so far and hopefully many more to come!!”
– Jamison C.

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