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29Sep 2017

Life Is Hard Without Energy – And If You’re In Florida In The Summer – It’s Really Really Hot!

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It is post-Hurricane Irma in Central Florida and we have made it through a rough week. The storm on September 10th brought damage to property and widespread power outages. The power outages kept many businesses closed for most of the following week. Gradually some restaurants and retail stores opened back up. We kept busy cleaning up debris, helping others clean [...]

29Sep 2017

Calling All HVAC Business Owners!!

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WHAT IS IceCOLD? The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) discovered a problem that all HVACR systems have. This problem causes a loss of efficiency that continues to accumulate over the life of the system. ASHRAE confirmed that the performance of a cooling system is degraded by 30% due to this problem. System degradation can be [...]

7Aug 2017

Boy, Have I Got An Opportunity For You!
No Kidding!!

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Have you heard about our new product called IceCOLD®? I am so excited about this it’s hard to contain myself and get all the necessary words out! But I’ll give it a shot. Our CEO, Pat Clouden, introduced this product to you in last month’s CES newsletter. Here’s a little recap. In all cooling systems a certain amount of oil [...]

7Aug 2017

What Would It Mean To Have Energy Independence?

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The energy industry has been in the news this year and accompanying the news is a national cry for energy independence. A step along the way towards achieving that for the U.S. would be to gain North American energy independence. That would mean weaning North America (the U.S., Canada and Mexico) off any kind of dependence on oil from countries [...]

28Jun 2017

The Rise Of LED Street Lights – Let The Evolution Begin!

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We are all by now familiar with the benefits of LED lighting—for a business LED lighting can save upwards of 30-70% on the lighting portion of the business’s electric bill. LEDs are unbelievably energy efficient, they last a very long time, they contain no mercury or substances that require special disposal or would be harmful to the environment. And they [...]

28Jun 2017

Drum Roll Please…

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I'd Like To Introduce You To A New Product That Can Make Your Commercial Air Conditioning Or Refrigeration System The Happiest It Can Be In our constant search for energy efficiency products that will help our customers, we at Consumer Energy Solutions, have found an exciting product that is a perfect fit and can save our customers not only a [...]