12May 2017

The Story Of Parking Garages And Parking Lots And Their Lighting

I have written in the past about the virtues of upgrading a commercial property to LED lighting. I want to now give you a specific example of a parking garage project that demonstrates overall savings on a realistic level.

The four important pieces of information that must be gathered to calculate the savings on any LED upgrade project are:

The number of […]

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11May 2017

Are We In The Calm Before The Storm Of Supply And Demand That Drives Electricity And Natural Gas Prices Up?

Here’s an interesting 2017 news alert: “Throughout Q1, crude inventories in the U.S. continued to climb, which started to raise concerns about the impact of the OPEC cuts,” said Mark Watkins, regional investment manager at the Private Client Group at U.S. Bank in Utah. “March hit the oil markets like a lion, with WTI1  falling approximately $5 dollars a barrel.”2

But […]

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13Apr 2017

Can We Achieve Energy Independence And What Will It Mean?

Did you know we have vast untapped energy reserves right here in America? In fact, per President Trump,1  “America has 1.5 times as much oil as the combined proven resources of all OPEC countries; we have more natural gas than Russia, Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia combined; we have three times more coal than Russia. Our total untapped oil and […]

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13Apr 2017

How Could Solar Energy Be Used To Supply Electricity To The World?

Unbelievably, back in 1767, the first use of sunlight for heat generation was successfully achieved when a Swiss geologist and physicist, Horace Benedict de Saussure, created the first solar oven. He put together a simple pine box with three glass layers. Two smaller boxes were placed inside with black inner coating. When the sun’s rays infiltrated the glass cover, the […]

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13Mar 2017

What Goes Around Comes Around!

CES has had a lot of good news throughout the month of February! A great deal of this good news comes from our Community Betterment activities! Our Director of Community Relations, Lynn Posyton, is always out there creating relationships with awesome people.

For example, Lynn has been giving weekly Drug Education classes at Center Academy in Pinellas Park. Every Friday she […]

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9Mar 2017

At CES We’re Just Getting Started!

February was an amazing month for us here at CES on many levels. We take Drug Education seriously—so much so that we are dedicating our whole newsletter this month to featuring the MANY Community Betterment activities we were involved in throughout February’s short month!

Before we dive into that I want to acknowledge our CES team—they have clearly demonstrated how competent […]

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